Thursday, September 18, 2014

One Week an Herbivore

As promised a week in review of trying the vegetarian life.

The first week was really easy, no cravings for meat and no temptation was too strong for my new found herbivore strength.

I did have some problems with balancing my meals and make them fulfilling and nutritious. I ran into problems of loading up only on pasta or potatoes. But after a few day I got in the swing of it. I think my favorite recipe I tried had to be butternut squash casserole.

I did cave today though to the sweet siren song of chicken strips...because they are the ultimate comfort food for me

But I am back on track and planning out my meals.

One thing I love about this is it has me back in the kitchen. I love to cook and create in my kitchen and I have been cooking more this week and it really makes me feel good about myself. It makes our little apartment feel more comfy. Nothing really helps you unwind after a long day than creating something and having your home full of the smell of spices and warmth.

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